Welcome to ROXBOT.COM

ROXBOT is a Minecraft server that offers instant deathmatch style player versus player mayhem. The server runs a mix of custom made and publicly available plugins. ROXBOT is run by Jigabot and the server is hosted on a dedicated box in eastern Canada.

Supporting the Server

If you would like to support ROXBOT visit our buycraft page @ shop.roxbot.com and make a purchase

Contributions to ROXBOT are used to help pay for our servers upkeep, hardware upgrades, software licenses, and time spent on server maintenance and plugin programming.

ROXBOT isn't a pay to win server. We are the PBS of smacking people with pixels. If you can't afford to contribute monetarily don't sweat it and just enjoy the server!

Server Rules

  1. Respect Each Other (Moderator Action: Warn/Mute) - Treat all other players how you personally would like to be treated in real life. No blatant sexism, racism, or hate speech. Do not harrass other players excessively. Constant abuse or attitudes that negatively affect the ROXBOT community are considered toxic behaviour.
    1. Racism
    2. Homophobia
    3. Misogyny
    4. Persistent Harassment
    5. Toxic Behaviour
  2. No Cheats/Hacks/Exploits (Moderator Action: Ban) - Do not use exploits or modifications to give yourself an unfair advantage. This includes, but is not limited to: Kill Aura/Forcefield, Click Aimbot, Bow Aimbot, Flying/Speed, GodMode, Fast Heal, Anti-Knockback.
  3. No Spamming (Moderator Action: Mute) - Repeatedly sending the same message or jibberish to chat. This includes linking to another server or website more than once every 5 minutes.
    1. Chat flooding
    2. Spamvertising
  4. Admin/Moderator Impersonation (Moderator Action: Warn/Mute) - Misrepresenting yourself as an admin or moderator is not allowed.
  5. Ban Evasion (Moderator Action: Ban) - If you have been banned you are expected to stay banned. Joining on alt accounts will only result in another banned account.